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Journal of trading strategies

journal of trading strategies

looking for a bullish candlestick pattern to get long. So, if you understand what Im saying in this post, then please leave a comment and promise me that youll follow these instructions and start using. A journal gives your closure, and lets you sleep. Also, the journal record of a good trade will help you to focus on advancing your strategy and achieving your goals. Thats why your trading journal should be split into 3 parts before, during, and after the trade.

Instead of writing about market conditions, mistakes, what went well, and new strategy ideas, take a screenshot of the trading day with some typed annotations. Its also important to start the journal immediatelyfrom your first trade. Reviewing Your Journal, at the end of each week and month, go back and see what you did, notice common problems, and spot your strengths. How to Mark Your Charts.

A picture is an easy way to keep a trading journal, but you must include certain things to make it useful when you look back at it for review. Download PDF, a risk-based approach to construct multi asset portfolio solutions Volume 7, Number 2 (March 2018). These are the ones that bring in the dough consistently. Perhaps you can avoid trading certain time of the day (or week). Then lets move on How to create your trading journal (during and after the trade) Now Heres what you need to record during and after the trade: Relevant metrics Charts of your trade Let me explain The relevant metrics for your trading journal They are. So, what are the key elements of a trading journal? Obviously, I enjoy learning new trading strategies. Doing this can help you better assess time frames to watch while trading. Your emotional state on that day can give you insight into success or failureso keep track. Now, if you can do this consistently, your trading results will get better. It makes you examine and analyze your thoughts, not just record them for future use. Google Sheets This is a free spreadsheet by Google.

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