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How to study for exams in nursing school

how to study for exams in nursing school

popular review guides, and they do a great job of breaking down the material and giving you the highlights. The beauty of nursing subjects and topics is that its not all about memorization. You can also quiz and teach each other. Get to know your own study style before you go looking for a study partner or group. It will basically be a selected repeat of questions from your prior tests. As a nursing student inundated with tests and class and studying, its easy to lose sight of why youre doing this. This can be invaluable in helping you to study for comprehensive finals, as you will be able to remember what the professor was testing most. The same goes for information. Ask yourself, should you be memorizing or comprehending?

(In his case, that hair is also unforgettable.) Our cards give you a mental image for every condition and associated symptoms, treatment and more. Scan what you have to study and skip the redundant content and then sift through what remains to get to the juicy parts. Im bet not a lot; and dont get me started on the percentage that applies to real life nursing either! Try to create high-level questions to ask your classmates during your teachings, and be sure to restate the key points regularly. Think About Your Patients. Conclusion: Its Almost Over, i know that the end of the semester can be very stressful and that many of you are burnt to a crisp. You have to have a battle plan right from the very beginning and know what studying habits to keep and what to ditch.

It should be fun and at the same time full of knowledge. In addition, some of my professors even gave the class a study guide that included all of the major topics we really needed to know for the final. However, when it comes to cumulative final exams, there is probably a whole lot of nursing content that we are not excited aboutand that should be the focus. Some students choose to be a student tutor to gain additional exposure to teaching. Its hard to study. It will be over before you know. Whats the treatment and management for this disease? Its that time of year again nursing students nationwide are frantically cramming for their final exams in nursing school.

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