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Reddit cryptocurrency insider trading legality

reddit cryptocurrency insider trading legality

typically characterized by low character count, all caps, banal wording. Submitting links to blogs or news sites which are notorious for this activity will result in suspension or permanent ban. Some even argue that the Chinese government has its own digital currency in development to replace the Yuan, and that replacement currency would be the only legal digital asset in the country. The Peoples Bank of China recently shutdown cryptocurrency exchanges, including certain bitcoin exchanges and initial coin offerings, or ICOs. Obviously, theres precedent for a decision like this. Litecoin (LTC) -.14B -.53. Every cryptocurrency trader doing business in the.S.

But failing to get advice ahead of a trade, and defending a lawsuit from the SEC or cftc or a criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice can carry a far heavier cost. Report them to the mods instead.

reddit cryptocurrency insider trading legality

Insider trading is illegal for retail traders in traditional stock markets, but legal for those in the know,.e.
I was thinking about it lately.

They want to keep us from having an ETF on grounds of manipulation while they are the ones manipulating. Jason Gottlieb is a partner, and Daniel Isaacs and Christopher Pendleton are associates, at Morrison Cohen LLP. Obviously there were people anticipating the ETF being denied today which was priced in, but the huge volume that came in out of no where seems to me, without a fraction of doubt in my mind, insiders receiving news on today's decision and dumping before. Pre-approval is granted in only the most extraordinary circumstances. Thus, the ever-evolving rules, and their application to murky factual scenarios, create pitfalls for the unwary. Staying Out of Trouble Whether trading blue-chip stocks or just-issued virtual coins, trading while in receipt of material nonpublic information is risky. Trolling, in all its forms, will lead to a suspension or permanent ban.