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Double bollinger bands forex strategy

double bollinger bands forex strategy

back to calculate their values. In a downtrend, continuation signals are formed when the candlesticks go up, retest Bollinger Middle Band and then go down again. Bollinger Bands consists of three data series: moving average (simple or exponential) and two standard deviation (boundary) lines, one above, and one below the moving average, usually at 2 standard deviations from the moving average. You need to practice more to become expert in locating the true signals. For example, some traders take a short position when they see the below signal, but as you see this is not a strong signal compared to the signals I showed you above: Why Is the above Signal Known as a False Signal? The 1-2-3 pattern on downtrend, existing trend.

Submitted by User on December 16, :10. This candlestick also has a long lower indonesian dollar rate in indian rupees shadow that reflects the upward pressure. Bollinger Bands are really good in following the trends. Most of time, the Length. Taking the continuation signals are much safer than the reversals, unless you make sure that the trend is really close to reverse and is already exhausted. If the A60 pip. You could take a long position after this candle, but if you did not, the market would show you some more signals to go long. Exponential moving average (covered below) gives more weight to the more recent price action, while Simple moving average provides a more stable and less jittery indicator. As you see Bollinger Middle Band works very well with the continuation signals when there is an ongoing strong trend.

It is where some traders wait for the retrace (continuation) to go long. Before you continue reading this article series wed like to bring your attention to a couple of books we hand-picked from a large number of volumes available on the subjects of technical analysis and trading with Microsoft Excel.