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Free android spy app

free android spy app

from particular contacts to be automatically saved, and they will be saved in the cloud. Spy Camera by Trackview, this app can turn your android device to a remote spy camera and can do audio and video surveillance on somebody. No.2 Free Cell Phone Spy App. Secret Agent Fake Call. Secret Agent This last app is Secret Agent, a complete toolbox that every spy should have. The app also has an equalizer to enhance the listening conditions of your surroundings. Nov 9, 2015, nov 3, 2015, oct 19, 2015. Spy apps for android are the most popular spying apps in the internet.

You can also set the Message Timer to allow you to sort messages according to the priority and delete them without any track. Spy Whatsapp allows you to spy WhatsApp users, their login time and their online status when they get connected without entering WhatsApp app. The app has option to notify you using toast, option to show preview and take pictures continuously. You can use these apps to track your childs activity without giving hint that the app is running on his device.

This app covers a variety of camera features while still keeping the app minimal and easy to use. Moreover you can set black screen so that nobody gets hint that you are spying somebody. Activate it then tap on the black screen to grab a fast snapshot with no one the wiser. Like a delivery guy or a sales rep for your business? Aug 25, 2010, next, explore even more. So your children's life will be under your control. This app can easily hide your phonebook contact icon to prevent anyone from local foreign exchange rates ato seeing them, and automatically delete all outgoing and incoming call logs so no one can trace them, even they have your phone. All you need is to install the app to the phone, run it and lock/hide the app then track the phone online. Paranoid or not, if you are not against the idea of tracking your child rsquo;s whereabouts (for their safety Children Tracker is a fine tracking solution to have. It features vault which can hide your pictures and videos from others.

free android spy app